JopeBot commands can be issued either as a standalone point-and-click styled application from the GUI installed to your Windows computer, OR it can work completely through text commands in the chat of your Twitch stream. You can supply commands using ! and the associated keyword to make the bot complete various actions in your stream. See the list of commands for more information.
Installing JopeBot is a relatively straight forward process. The JopeBot desktop client connects to your twitch account, to this website, and is compatible with Windows 7+.
View frequently asked questions about the setup, usage, or troubleshooting of the JopeBot desktop client or utilizing with your streams.
Join the discussion in our discord server and be part of the development process! Add your feedback, report bugs, suggest improvements or new features, and connect with fellow users and viewers. Update information is posted regularly, and we can address your concerns or questions in real time.
JopeBot is maintained through GitHub, and all releases are posted in the repository releases directory. in v1.6+ you can install JopeBot to your machine and it will automatically update itself. If you ever need a certain version, or would like to see the development history, all downloadable versions are available there.
JopeBot does not collect any personal information at this time. We do not sell your information, and do not collect credit cards or email addresses. Please view our full privacy policy for more information.
With any other concerns not addressed through this website, please contact me via discord or through our 'Contact' page. Thank you!