Clone Hero. It’s penetrating nearly every rhythm gaming circle, and quickly. But what is it? Clone Hero is what Guitar Hero wishes it was. Clone Hero is what Guitar Hero players wish Guitar Hero was. Clone Hero is a clone of Guitar Hero, but with a caveat… They listened to the gaming community and packed the game so full of features that Guitar Hero will never cross your mind again after you play it. Things like complete control over custom songs, video backgrounds, intuitive song searching and setlists, enhanced practice modes, chart modifiers, and so much more. Clone Hero is full of features that just make the game the best plastic guitar game you can play, and best of all? For now it’s free to download, play, and stream, no strings attached.

The main developer of Clone Hero (srylain) has a history of developing improved clones of popular games. He has made Pac Man clones, Bomberman clones, and Tetris clones, all with online multiplayer modes. In 2012, srylain began developing “madeGuitaRPG” which used the XNA engine, and due to its 2-D nature, looked more like Dance Dance Revolution than anything else. From the shortcomings of madeGuitaRPG, inspired change. Trying to replicate a 3-D perspective in two dimensions a challenging prospect, one that ultimately drove srylain to take a break from the project. He made the difficult choice to stop developing and took a couple years away from madeGuitaRPG. When he finally decided to give it another go, he dropped the RPG focus and began developing “GuitarGame”, built on Unity. After reaching a point where it was playable, but buggy and needing some major changes, srylain took another break from the project.

In March of 2017, he resumed working on what is now referred to as Clone Hero. The game is still in development, and will likely have a branding change in its future, but is a community driven project with a large following and active support group. Clone Hero evolved from a few unfinished projects into a better version of an extremely successful game, and has the following and inertia behind it to support those claims. It really is an amazing feat to tackle many obstacles and see a project come from nothing into something that thousands of people enjoy and use. Hats off to srylain, if you want to download and install Clone Hero, click here. If you want to say hi or contribute to the Clone Hero community, click here.