The first thing you'll need is the game software of course. To download and install Clone Hero for Windows, hit this link and install the application to your pc. Clone Hero is currently only developed for Windows, but Linux and Mac builds may come available at some point. To install, download the files, extract to your desired directory, and double click 'Clone Hero.exe'. For more information on Clone Hero, what it is, and why it is, check out this article.

Something that makes Clone Hero unique is the ability to quickly and easily add custom content to the game. A library of custom charts are a must-have, as the game does not come preloaded with much. Custom charts are easy to find, using Chorus Chart Search or networking with fellow game enthusiasts. To install these files, simply drag your decompressed chart directories into the songs folder of Clone Hero. Having custom content ensures that you'll be able to play your preferred music and enjoy the game even more. There are more than 24,000 custom charts to pick from, so choices are as wide as your harddrive storage space will allow. To learn how to easily use your custom songs with JopeBot Click Here

Finally, onto the tool that connects the game to your hands and eyes. Although the game can be played with a keyboard, or even a game console controller, it is best suited (obviously) for a guitar controller. Clone Hero supports 5 fret controllers as well as the 6 fret GH live controllers. Any Guitar Hero controller will work for this, but the integration between XBox and Windows allows for easiest use with XBox360 controllers. Wired controllers will not need anything special, simply plug and play. Guitar controllers aren't the easiest to find, so check out these great deals on available guitar controllers! Buying your controllers through JopeBot ensures you get a great deal, and a portion of the proceeds contributes to keeping this site running!

A wireless controller will need a 'dongle' to pair with your Windows computer. Dongles are small portable devices that plug into a USB port and use a windows driver to provide an easy way to sync your wireless guitar to your computer. For ease of access and to support the site, check out these great deals on Guitar Hero Controller dongles!

You may be thinking to yourself... 'there are so many types of guitar controllers... which one is the best?' Any Guitar Hero controller will work, but some will work better or with less troubleshooting than others. Xbox, Xbox360, and Xbox One controllers will work the most consistently. PlayStation controllers will work, but will sometimes have trouble during setup, but can provide a nice experience once configured. Wii controllers are NOT preffered as they can cause input lag problems and with a rhythm game, this can be quite frustrating. The highest rated controllers as per the opinions of streamers and regular players are as follows.

  1. Guitar Hero 2 Xplorer - Durable, consistent, and easy to set up
  2. Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul - Very similar to Xplorer, and also looks great.
  3. Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock and World Tour guitars work great, but tend to break more easily than the older models.
  4. Rock band guitars, Wii Guitars, and 3rd party knock-off guitars.

The latest and greatest version of Clone Hero will always be available on Srylain's YouTube Channel. The Clone Hero discord server has over 30,000 members, lively discussions, forums, and annoucements. For more information, check out this article or the Clone Hero Wiki Page

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