Discord has become the go-to endpoint for gamers looking to create a community. As a streamer, a Discord server acts as a hub for information about your stream, a place for you to interact with your fans, generate new and exciting content, and more. Discord servers have become an integral part of streaming, as fans like to know who the streamer is, communicate with them personally, and see what goes on behind the scenes 'IRL'

As of December 2016, Discord had over 25 million users worldwide. Discord serves as a useful platform for forum activity, news feeds, loyalty rewards, text-to-speech, voice over internet functionality, and so much more. So lets get your server started, so you can begin to build your community presence and allow your fans to see you beyond your Twitch screen.

Begin the process by going to discordapp.com, and signing in to your account. If you do not have an account, create one now. Click the “+” button on the left hand column, which will begin to create a new personal server. If you are already a member of many servers, the “+” icon may be hidden off the page. In this case, scroll down until you see the icon. When you hit the “+” icon, two options will be presented to you. This is where you will specify that you want to create your own server, so hit 'Create'.

The next step is where things get personal. Enter a server name so people will know what they are a part of when they join. Make it something related to you, your stream, your gamertag, just something so people can connect it with your brand. Change your server icon by clicking the icon button, and use an image related to your streams. A branding logo, or something relevant to your content would be best. By keeping the name and icon related to your stream, you are reinforcing the connection between your discord server, your stream, and the community you are building.

From here, select the region for your server to live in, and hit 'create'. Your server is alive! Next question you should be asking yourself is ‘how are people going to join my server’? Well, you could generate an invite link straight from one of your soon-to-be-made server channels, but those are messy, non-phonetic, and not searchable. I prefer to use discords named-invites to handle links to the server, for readability, for memory’s sake, and so people can find your server by searching.

To create a named-link to your public server, go to https://discord.me/server/add and begin filling out the information for your server. Provide the name of your server, a short and long description of why your server is there, and provide explicit keywords to help people find it if searching. Provide your server ID, which will link the public invite to your actual server, and then designate what URL tag you would like to use. Once you’ve configured the settings to your liking, hit “Add Discord Server” and use your new link to invite all your fans and friends to join your community!