Having an appealing graphics layout is an important part of streaming today. With an abundance of new streamers entering the market every day, it is becoming more and more important to set yourself apart from the crowd with a dynamic, well thought out graphics experience. See “how to use graphics to improve my stream experience” for some great tips on using graphics to enhance your stream.

JopeBot has been designed to allow you to display your request list directly as graphics in your stream. Having a list of your viewers’ requests is great, but allowing your viewers to see what’s coming up or where they stand can elevate your user experience. Using OBS or any other stream graphics software that supports a browser source, you can easily customize and display your current request list. From changing colors, widths, transparency, number of requests, and even transition animations, JopeBot features a wide range of customization to make your request list a seamless part of your graphics layout. Now that we’ve introduced that, let’s get started.


Step one, open the JopeBot desktop application and navigate to settings. From there, open OBS settings and begin to configure your layout. At the bottom of the panel is a link to the browser source. It is helpful to use that browser source while configuring, so you can see how the settings you choose affect the outcome of the rendered graphics. Copy the browser source URL and paste it into your browser. Now under bot settings, press “generate fake users” and see your request list in action on the web page. From here, customize your colors, width, number of requests, animations and persistence, and see the changes applied to the browser source. Once you’ve reached a point where you feel happy with the rendered graphics, move on to step two.

Step two, open OBS and add a new browser source to your scene. Paste in the link generated by JopeBot and if desired, add css to format to your liking. Hit OK and your new request graphics layout should be up and running. In JopeBot, go to bot settings and remove all requests. Your request queue should empty, and you should be ready to rock with your new customized request graphics on screen!