Like many streamers in the rhythm gaming community, the thought of taking your viewers’ requests seems rewarding, fun, interactive, and more. One major challenge of accepting requests for Clone Hero is making sure you have the songs your audience wants to hear. Chorus is a great resource for searching and downloading new charts. Be sure to stop by https: // and build yourself an array of fun diverse music for your viewers to request. For more information on finding, downloading, and installing charts and songs to Clone Hero, see

Now that you have some music, the next question is how are your viewers going to know what you have? It doesn’t do much good for the viewer to request something you don’t have, as it leaves them disappointed, and leaves you searching for something that isn’t there. Some streamers spend hours manually adding band names and song titles to a google spreadsheet or other online document, but there are several problems with this method. It’s time consuming for the streamer, especially if you are always adding new music. It sometimes forces to users have to wait for a slow document to load. Viewers also may have to deal with clunky in-page finding tools to parse through the gigantic list they’ve been sent to. Finally, once they’ve found what they want have to come back to the stream and request with a completely different action.

All of that hassle can be avoided with JopeBot. By simply exporting your song list directly from Clone Hero, and providing the path to JopeBot, it will automatically create a styled, functional, fast web page with all of your songs, explicit information about the songs, and even a detailed search function for viewers to use. JopeBot looks through every song installed to clone hero, a creates a dynamic mobile-friendly list with song, artist, album, genre, and even charter. Viewers can use the search bar to search for any of those fields with terrific speed and accuracy. No more needing to scroll through 10,000 lines of a spreadsheet, or use an antiquated find tool. No more needless hours manually typing band and song names into a document. The song page can be set up and generated in less than 30 seconds, and is completely accurate to the files installed to Clone Hero. This means viewers will never request something you don’t have. Best of all, viewers can request the song they want directly from the song page! This means no more jumping around between pages or sites just to make a simple request. Now all they need to do is find the song they want, click it, and hit “request”; it really is that simple.

Why waste your time manually typing in songs, or waste your viewers time making them search through one page and request on another? Let JopeBot handle all the work, with blazing speed, so you can focus on doing what you do best. Playing, streaming, and entertaining your viewers!