JopeBot is built upon a Windows installer. Once installed and configured, the application will automatically fetch and prompt you to install updates as they become available. JopeBot is lightweight, uses very little memory and bandwidth, and creates a seamless interface for automatically managing user requests during Twitch live streams.
JopeBot has an optional extension panel for Twitch. Installation is simple, and uses your desktop configurations. Gives users a way to interact with JopeBot without needing chat for most operations.
JopeBot is a Windows application. It is often best utilized by setups of two or more monitors. If you lack a second monitor, it may be wise to download the JopeBot Companion App. This application allows you to use JopeBot commands from your Android mobile device, freeing up screen real estate and preventing you from constantly needing to switch windows.
JopeBot was designed to integrate with Clone Hero songs via songs.json, but you can also load Rocksmith songs into the bot as well! Using the converter and the attached instructions, you can load your Rocksmith setlist into the bot and website in no time.