What you will need before setting up the bot

  1. Twitch account name you are streaming from (the chat room the bot will be listening in)
  2. Decide if you want the bot to send messages through your streamer account, or a "bot account". If you want a bot account, go create a new account through Twitch.
  3. Get your Twitch "OAuth" token for the account you want JopeBot to send messages from.

Initalize the Bot

  1. Download JopeBot if you havent already -- DOWNLOADS
  2. Launch the JopeBot.exe found in the downloaded files
  3. Fill out the appropriate information on the configuration screen (you can get back to this page again if needed in the bot at "Settings/Bot Settings/Reconfigure")

Configuring JopeBot

Streamlabs API Access Token
  • Used to get donation data via streamlabs
  • Located under the streamlabs dashboard under "API Settings/API Token/Your API Access Token"

Path to CH songs.json (Optional)
  • songs.json is used to generate a setlist of songs on the JopeBot website that viewers can use to search through and make requests upon the songs you have installed.
  • In Clone Hero you can generate this file by opening the game, Settings/Streamer Settings and hit “Generate Setlist (JSON)”, this will create a songs.json file in the directory where the Clone Hero.exe is
  • With RockSmith you need to use the custom written converter to get a .json file of your songs
  • Once you have the songs.json file, paste its location into the input box in JopeBot

Downloaded Files Folder (Optional)
  • A path to a folder where you want files to go that gets shared to you via the use of !share and downloaded via the bot.

Twitch Username (lowercase)
  • The streaming account username. This is used to tell the bot what chatroom to listen to.

Twitch Bot Username
  • Must have mod priveledges.
  • This is the account the bot uses to send messages to chat.

Twitch Bot OAuth Code
  • Must be the OAuth code for the "Twitch Bot Username" account
  • Can be obtained at https://twitchapps.com/tmi
  • Include the entire string (oauth:xxxxxxx)

Mixer Username
  • Indicates which mixer channel to connect to

Mixer Token
  • Generate a token with the "Generate Mixer Token" button at the bottom
  • This token grants JopeBot access to post messages in the "Mixer Username's" chat room

What else?

After you’ve configured the bot with the appropriate information, just hit “Start” and you should be off to the races. There are a ton of settings to make the bot work best for your particular setup, so dedicate a couple minutes to look through the settings menus and configure to your liking. These settings can be changed on the fly if you decide to change something. If you have any questions of issues, either jump into the Discord server (https://discord.me/jopebot) and ask the community there, or inside of JopeBot hit "Request Assistance" and someone will come to save the day. Cheers!